The Calcon Framework of Excellence

Building isn’t for amateurs. Sure, there’s a multitude of construction companies to choose from, but how do you choose the one that will ensure that your project receives the highest standards of planning, execution, attention to detail, and service? With countless construction professionals vying for the same clients and projects, many deliver the same mundane messages that every other company exclaims—“We build better buildings,” “We build quality,” or “Building the future.” You might wonder, “How are any of these companies different from each other?” More importantly, you might ask, “How will I know this construction company will go the extra mile to complete my project and give it the kind of attention it requires?”

Enter Calcon. At Calcon Constructors, we don’t just deliver a message—we operate by it. We’ve been in the construction business for over a quarter century, and in that time, we’ve developed and fine-tuned a sophisticated strategy that harnesses everything that a construction company should embody and practice—an established reputation, a passion for the communities we build within, pride in performance, providing exceptional quality without sacrificing safety, and leadership through innovation.

 We call this strategy The Calcon Framework of ExcellenceSM.

Locations: Englewood, Colorado (303-762-1554) and Steamboat Springs, Colorado (970-879-1976)






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